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  • Hi MAK,

    My research has so far identified the follow 7 examples in South Africa - I'd welcome any additional info you can provide on the other examples please in particular the local registration ( ie ZU-...... ) and the construction number ( ie CAH 08971S etc ) - thank you.

    ZU-EWY c/n CAI 02971S
    ZU-EXU c/n CAI 03070T
    ZU-RDV c/n CAB 07273S
    ZU-RDY c/n CAH 08973S
    ZU-RJM c/n CAJ 09473S


    ZU-RGA c/n CAH 11974S registered September 2010

    ZU-RGB c/n CAH 11874S registered September 2010

    I'm trying to put together a simple listing of all the Xenons built to date and any help you can offer would be very welcome - thank you.

    Steve in UK
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