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    Don’t think it’s meant to create drag on the cable but to remove slop from between the cable and the sheath at the bend. Most Cavalons have these installed during build so wouldn’t think that would be the source of the vibration. More likely it’s the teeter bushings are worn out. How many hours...
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    Ground issue? I’ve had intermittent gauge issues from a poor ground. We installed a larger ground bus and all went away.
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    Taildragger Pusher Concept

    Go fly a taildragger airplane, they are a blast, but the biggest advantage is off airport operations (better prop ground clearance, no weak nose gear). The big disadvantage is instability on the ground (think about pushing a grocery cart in reverse, it wants to spin around because the center of...
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    Hub bar nuts

    There is a different spec for the hub bolts vs the blade bolts. Which are you looking for torque specs on? I attached the job cards in the post on the owners forum.
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    Hub bar nuts

    The confusion might be that there is a pre-torque for install, then a final torque.
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    Hub bar nuts

    If you post that question on you can get more specifics. There are line and heavy maintenance manuals that will detail out the torque specs based on which head you have. The Line maintenance manual job card 62-11-00 6-3 INSPECTION: ROTOR HUB BOLTS for the Cavalon (may be...
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    Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) training

    Man you've been busy! There should be no more poorly balanced gyros in Europe in 2019! :) Now we need you to conquer the USA!
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    Cabin Hop - GyroTech Blaeds

    Seems to have been a blade profile issue with the leading edge protective tape. GyroTech is replacing the blades using a new technique.
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    To anyone who does Condition Inspections on MTO Sport 2010 models...
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    How to determine which MTO gimbal head version?

    Terri Rose with AutoGyro provides excellent customer service and is typically very responsive (BTW, Chris Lord is there now as there COO and a great resource). I'd give them another shot, maybe you caught them at a time when they were swamped. I'm not aware of any rotor head changes between 2013...
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    Why does it roll to the left?

    You’re right, didn’t really look closely.
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    Why does it roll to the left?

    Seems like torque. Just off the ground with nose is straight up in the air, full throttle and very low airspeed.
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    There are several airbag solutions in modern aircraft. Most have them built into the seatbelt (Cirrus for instance).
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    Gyro-Tec carbon Blades 100 Hrs Follow Up.

    I dont think the paint is overly soft, but it's not as tough as it could be. But keep in mind that these blades do flex a lot, so maybe it's softer to prevent cracking? Not sure. I've got 25-30 hours on a set, but have yet to get them to a point where I'd recommend the change. Our issue has...
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    Cavalon Ring Gear

    There was a series of autoGyro ring gears that were not correctly hardened and were to be replaced. I’d contact AG to see if this was in that series.