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  • I can provide the tail block and plates for round tube, complete Parson stick for round forward tube, I probably
    have pump handle style as well
    Hi Mark!

    Whats been going on in your world? I hope all is well.
    Hi Gerry, doning well thank you. Hope your well also. Still in Texas? Building and or flying anything? I really miss those day of the Gyro. But I am still having lots of fund flying RC. Stay in Touch.
    Mark. John here. I'm a new member and saw your sale post. Looks like a great looking plane. Why do you say there is no more interest in this type of gyro? Looks like what I am looking for. I'm already SEL. Would you have any interest in a trade? I've got a 1946 cushman step-thru that I will be selling when I return from Fl. I'm a snow bird. LOL
    I attempted to email Chris but couldn't get the email to go through. Could you confirm his email address? Thanks a lot.

    Hi steve, I guess he just backed out to a wide spot. He would have had to go in slow and check it it out for submerged rocks the first time but thats still nuts as fast as he was going. Must be a real thrill seeker.

    I am just finishing up my Sport rating in SEL and then I will start with Mike later this fall and look forward to flying with you some time in the near future. I live in Bountiful and work weekends so getting to meetings will be hard for now. I will need some help from members to do a hand test and get advise on pretty much everything as I am very new. I purchased an Air Command and found it needs a little TLC and am working on that in the mean time. Keep in touch. Mark
    Hey Mark...Steve Pearson here. Great to have another local in the fold. You training with Mike this year? Couldn't find a better gyro instructor. We'll have to hook up and see if we can put some air time together down the road. I had one other did William get that boat turned around to GoPro his egress out the slot?
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