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    Dominator rebuild

    With any luck... you should have it finished in only '2 weeks' Scott? :D :yo: The attention to detail is fino.... fenom, phenom.... quite good :hail:
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    Electric helicopter

    I have several (ok.... too many) battery powered rc helis and even with the new Li-Po batteries, the flight times are short.... but while they are above about 50% they are awesome.... and no, I cant fly them like that either.... nor do I want to... I prefer more scale type flying.... but the rc...
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    Electric helicopter

    That is pretty cool... there is no reason why it shouldn't work... battery technology is improving all the time. Once endurance becomes long enough to be useable, it will be awesome .... I was expecting it to do this....
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    Autogyro Service Ceilings

    I didn't even plan mine.... it was a nice day and it seemed like a good idea at the time :noidea::lol: Sam, the Titanium test pilot was there.... he said I was just a tiny 'pin dot' in the sky.... even tho the sky was clear, they could hear me but not see me properly until they watched me...
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    Autogyro Service Ceilings

    I flew my turbo EA81 direct drive machine to 14,500' in the 90's..... a touch of 'target fixation' I guess.... it took a while before I realised it wasn't climbing any more.... but once I did, I just did a 13,000' vertical descent over the strip (with a rev every 1000' to make sure it was still...
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    Maybe Zumba?? (please take some video) :lol:
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    Taking off is hard

    I agree about a thorough understanding of rotor handling, which seems to have been replaced by simply 'pushing this button until you see xxx rpm then gas it.... However, gyros are possibly the worst ground machines available, being top heavy and 3 main wheels.... and added to that the...
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    Birdy, a friend of mine is a long distant truckie and has had lower back problems, his quack told him he needed a $1500 back brace.... his son had done a resteraunt course and had a 'cumberbund' (wide belt thing) so he tried that on and it helped alot, so he bought a motorcross kidney belt, just...
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    Glad you are ok Birdie. What seat are you using? Is it basic and flat surfaces or padded and fitting? Maybe you could try making a mold of your butt and back and making a seat that fits your back perfectly? That might help if you can be supported by the seat? Also, what is the angle of the...
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    Happy Birthday David Bird!

    Happy hatch day Birdy :first:
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    Help us remeber Farmer Jim Toves Forever.

    This is my favorite pic of FJ (well, one of my favorites) It is my dad and FJ at Christmas in 2014.... They will both be causing mischief together in the big blue yonder I reckon My parents thought he was awesome... dad called him 'shortie' :lol: and FJ called dad 'young feller' :D My mom...
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    Well I did it I bought a gyroplane

    +1 wot ultracruiser said.... just make it safe to fly and fly it... Worry about changing other stuff once you have done a fair few hours in it. If you start changing things before you start flying it, it will prolly take a long, long time to get it flying. It flies now (or it did fly) like...
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    If you could have any prize worth $1,000 what would you want?

    I know, I know!! How about 10 hours flight time.... In a Nissan rent-a-car?? :flame::first:
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    If you could have any prize worth $1,000 what would you want?

    I was hoping one of the prises was a couple of hours with 3 hook..... never mind :noidea::tape::yo::drum: The 2 gopro cameras :) :usa2:
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    Mini-500 Final Setup Runup Rigging and Track & Balance

    50-50 :noidea::lol::D