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    Only 11 views in two years!!???

    Just bumped up the views. Cool video Scott ! Smoke and all !
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    Swedish yoke

    2" 4130 seamless tubing with heading
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    Swedish yoke

    Pulled up Aircraft Spruce round 2" seamless 4130 tubing
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    Our next open source project = Jump-takeoff

    Here is the web address that XXavier refers to for "The Cierva Autodynamic Rotor":
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    Bush Wheels / Baloon Tires ? Off Airport

    26”””” inch Alaskan Bushwheels-Beringer ultralites $1445.00 per tire - standard tread Add $200.00 for heavy tread 26 lbs each
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    Moral Support

    Better start prepping for that WIFE!!!!! All the best to you.
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    Tandem double hang test

    No Title Hello Chuck, Am I correct on the thinking of Rotor Thrust Vector (RTV)? RTV should be ahead of Center of Gravity (CG). When the gyro is flown at top speed and the control stick is full forward, RTV should pass through or slightly ahead of CG. The red line passing through the rotor...
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    Chris Lord October 31, 2018

    As Langewiesche succinctly put it, "The stick is the speed control" and "The real elevator is your throttle". Adding throttle adds wind to an airfoil which results in lift. A good example is a powered parachute which flies at a constant speed regardless of throttle position. At full...
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    A curious forum ERROR message!

    Check if this list of GK2 videos will play for you. They are the Bensen Days 2018 videos. Maybe relisting them will make them play for you.
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    You Tube Change can you guys help? It effects my Gyro training videos!

    Your subscription number is up to 970. Now just shy of 30 subscribers. You got a subscription from me. Here is a bump
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    Buying an ArrowCopter second hand

    Insights to flight characteristics of the Arrowcopter???? I have never seen an Arrowcopter in person. My imaginary drawn line of thrust for the Arrowcopter puts thrust above centerline. Having to apply significant forward stick at high cruise rocks my preconception of its flight...
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    New chinese engine

    To date, probably 95% of USA's general aviation's air cooled piston powered certified aircraft are powered by either "Lycoming" or "Continental" engines. Continental was sold to "The Peoples Republic of China" in 2010. China owns all of Continental's knowledge base, patents, production rights...
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    womans fitness

    Illegal immigrants are ILLEGALLY in this country Illegal immigrants are ILLEGALLY in this country Illegal immigrants are ILLEGALLY in this country Who are the ILLEGALS most likely to vote for: liberals or conservatives? Liberals are willing to go to bed with the illegal because the illegal...
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    Heim Rods

    Do a search for "Threaded Bung Insert for Heim Joint"
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    Honda CBR 600 with redrive

    Builder's comments on forum: Builder's comments on forum: Ideal prop speed is near 70% of Mach Prop tip speed: 749 F.P.S. 66.9%...