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    Another great deal on a 2 place!

    OK Ron, Here's a plan. Come up to Oshkosh. On the way home, stop at my place for some trail riding (Gnarly 7 mile loop). Go home with my (Kandace Rawling's) Gyrobee. Finish and fly it for $3000. Take the leftover money and use it to rent a 4 seater when you need to. Now you can still call...
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    Gyrobee, Southwest Wisconsin

    For sale: Gyrobee project started by Kandace Rawling. Construction well documented in archives on this site. Finished through seat, engine mount, tail, landing gear, control stick, rudder pedals. Includes Rotax 447 and wood prop. Needs rotorhead and blades. I purchaed project from Kandace...
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    I have a hay field about 1200ft long. It is flat, but a little bumpy. There are no ruts deeper than 2-3 inches. No neighbors for about 1/2 mile.:whoo:What do you recommend for preparing it to use as a runway? doc matt
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    OK, how 'bout if we have a Roto Pow Wow daily at say, 2PM at the ultralight area? See who shows and put some faces on these forum folks. doc matt
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    Helicopters and horses send parade-goers to hospital

    I bet there will be no helicopter next year, but the horses will be back. Even before I started working in a rural ER, horse related injuries outnumbered motorcycle related injuries, and equaled them in severity. When I tell people that my 6 year-old daughter is taking horse riding lessons...
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    Back to that original drawing... Back to that original drawing... It looks like a nice design, but I would be concerned about the close to 50-50 distribution in front of and behind the rotor. Could make it prone to a flat spin in a steep climb. There is a thread about this somewhere. I'm no...
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    XNJ Tractor in rotorcraft Magazine

    Tony, Thanks for the info. I always wondered if riveting sheets to a tube structure for a stressed skin would work. I wonder how the weight would compare to making a full tube structure and covering with fabric. Your machine sounds interesting. I can't wait to see pictures. You sound a lot...
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    XNJ Tractor in rotorcraft Magazine

    New issue of Rotorcraft has a reprinted article from 1991 about a sheet aluminum tractor gyro built by Jim Eich. Anybody know more about this machine or its fate? The pictures were sort of fuzzy and there wasn't much detail about its construction materials and the like. Looked like an...
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    FAA raises the weight limits for LSA aircraft

    Good one , Ron! You got somebody.
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    Steel or aluminum? Welded or bolted?

    I think welded aluminum structures may require heat treatment, not available to the average home builder. I wouldn't trust a home built, welded aluminum aircraft. There is some controversy about 4130 (steel) and heat treating as well, but I think that the consensus is that the thin tubes...
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    Gyro Training Possiblity

    Training in wisconsin Training in wisconsin Kandace, I'd be interested in training in Wisconsin. But, my finances won't allow it this year. Hopefully, I'll make some progress on your bird soon though. I'm a little surprised there is no training available with Oshkosh so near. doc matt
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    Tail Configurations?

    What about a canard? What about a canard? Just out of curiosity, has a canard ever been employed on a gyro? If not, what are the theoretical advantages or disadvantages? One disadvantage I see on a pusher, is that it would be out of the prop wash. I can also imagine some adverse reactions...
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    I discussed separating ethanol from gasoline In my 2 stroke engine failure thread today. Is there anybody out there with access to an NMR spectrometer who can verify that all of the water/ethanol can be separated from the fuel with a simple sep-funnel? I haven't been in an organic chemistry lab...
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    Two stroke engine failures

    Most people seem to agree that two strokes are prone to in-flight engine failures. I am curious about the causes of these failures. I am also curious to hear from folks who have experienced good reliability from a two stroke and what they percieve to be the reason for the reliability. Can the...
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    Sled Finders

    sled finder sled finder I posted this in another thread, but I'd like to again offer pick up or storage help for anyone finding a sled in Southern Wisconsin, or within a reasonable distance from Mineral Point. doc matt