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  • Sold all of the Aircraft, sold the house, bought a class A Motorcoach, paid everything off and cruising around the south in the winter, returning to Wisconsin during the summer. Making whatever flyins that occur where I am at the time.
    6061T6 Alum plate 12x36 .125 would cost pre cut $36.20 from onlinemetals.com. I would go no thicker than that due to wieght and would use support brackets of 1x1 angle.

    Bob Gregory here. [email protected]
    Did you get the gyro yet? Have been communicating with Paul Aff??? about that gyro? The Bensen type. Saw it being built in Missouri about '89, I think.
    Do you know about the derogatory remarks on this group when it was for sale. Maybe about two, three months ago. Maybe it was you who was asking about the gryo. Now I can't find the thread on the forum. Maybe it was deleted?
    Thanks, BG

    My name is Mark Humbke & I just join the Rotary Wing Forum which I fine very informative. I have been training in New Zealand on MT-03 (German Built)& have 26 hours in on dual time with senior instructor Tony Urwin from Gyrate who has is one great instructor. I definitely caught the bug.. I've decided that I want to purchase a MT-03 & well ship it to Canada. I'm just trying to fine out some information regarding regualtions for licensing & flying this machine in Canada?? It has approval in several countries. The legal basis for the operation of the MT-03 autogyro is regaulated in the Airworthiness Approval Authority Notification ( AAN29134) issued by the Civil Avaition Authority In the United Kingdom, It has been shown to comply with the requirements of BCAR Section T, and is considered as a factory built aircraft.
    Hopefully you can give me some direction on this or if at all possible start this on a new thread.

    I Thank You For Your Time & Consideration..

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