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    New RAF 2000 build

    Vance, don't know if you ever actually got to fly my old RAF that Vic had, but we moved the gear back 5 inches as I remember, and the takeoffs were much easier. About the time the nose wheel started coming up the rotor speed was such that it was ready to fly. I just gradually powered up and...
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    RAF2000 Crash

    Glad you guys are okay. My first exposure to the electric trim system was while I was training with Ron Menzie. I found it very sensitive in the beginning. I would trim for landing, then adjust for takeoff, but if it wasn't set properly for takeoff the cyclic pressure during takeoff was rough. I...
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    Stick shake

    I was wondering how that works too. I've been a member for 6 years but I'm still a newbie.
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Yep. Still recovering from back surgery, so don't need it yet, but very surprised.
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Got it in less than 2 hours!
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    R44 Emergency Autorotation for Real.

    Actually 2 or 3 206's stolen and used in bank robberies in Louisiana and Texas, one was used to rob a bank on the base at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. I was flying one for Air Logistics that was stolen. Took a lot of inspections and component changes to get it airworthy again. Never did find any cash...
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    Self training

    Oops. Vance, I think he should have done a lot of Googling about the requirements to be a pilot. Hard to believe someone he knew didn't discourage him from doing this or maybe someone did but he didn't listen.