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  • Hey Scatt, have a look at Jake's tail design on the thread titled 'Tail design, advantages and disadvantages'. About the best design I have seen, besides Ernies tall tail.
    Hey, Lee
    I tried calling you a couple of different times in the past couple of weeks and managed to miss you. My mom said your folks weren't doing real well, and I wanted to catch up a little bit. Both my mom and dad have been in and out of the hospital twice since Christmas, with my dad in a care facility right now. We're not sure if he'll get to come back home or not. He may need to go straight to some sort of care facility, but who knows at this point. His brain's still working fine, and he's p.o.'d about where he is, so maybe that's a good sign! Anywaaay, drop me a line or a Facebook message or something.

    Later, Bob
    I stumbled across 2 Warp blades in Mike's goodie pile. Did those come off a 4-blade prop? Did you give Mike the hub?
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