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  • Hello Mr. Larry,
    I just purchased a RAF2000 of 1992 vintage. What modifications do you make for this Gyro and how much. Mine does not have a Hoz stab, just vertical.

    Alan C. Lail
    Mark, I will be glad to assist you anyway I can through this buying/training process. I look forward to meeting you, and I do not know anyone that has too many friends. I thank God everyday for mine.
    Hi Larry, This is Mark Archibald in Utah. Hope you feeling better. Your in our prayers out here. I put a check in the mail Friday for the down on the AC. Can't wait to come get it. I looked at all the option and could get it shipped for 1500.00 but then I would not get to meet you and Debbie so I believe I will opt for the road trip. I just did a friend request for you. One cant have too many friend.

    take care and see you soon

    Rene. The "ultimate stab" is $1150 plus shipping and handling which is normally Less than $200. Takes 2-3 weeks till it is in your hands. To start the process, you call 610-370-2178 to start the order process. You send check with S&H included. Stab is ordered and shipped to your address. All hardware and instructiosa are included. Takes about 1 hour to mount if you have some one to help with allignment while you drill attatchment holes for mounting into old holes on your keel where the vertical stab is mounted.
    Hi Larry
    Could you give me the dement ions of your horizontal stabilizer?
    I have a different gyro to put it on, not an RAF.
    I need to know it your stab is too large.

    Also how do you attach the H.S. to the frame?
    Is it a single unit or two pieces?

    John Stahl
    Larry, when I sent the check for the Stab back in July, it included $200 extra to cover shipping. You said I'd get a refund on the balance after shipping. I never got it. Please advise.
    Glen Rushing
    Hi Larry, Did my check arrive? Tomorrow will be a week so it should be there by now.
    Also, any forecast when stabs can be shipped?
    Glen Rushing
    Larry, I am ready to buy one of your Raf 2000 horizontal stabilizers. What is your contact number so I can call you for this order.
    Thanks, Ross
    Larry, Thank's for the advice. I spoke to you over the phone about a month ago, I'm planning on buying one of your H-stabs. I had a few other parts to buy before the stab. I will be contacting you soon. Is the build time still a couple of weeks for the H-stab.
    Thank You, Ross Wheeler
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