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  • Dear Lanichol
    I"m searching for a muffler for my LW5. For some reason I can't follow your post from years ago to see that the solution was.
    Muffler for the Yamaha 130FI with 2" header pipe on Little Wing 5 tractor ????

    I had a few bystanders yesterday during engine tests at the airport. Normally I'm wearing headsets or sound suppressors. The bystanders were not. They seem to think that the stock header configuration was pretty loud. I notice on the rotary Wing Forum you've had some discussions about mufflers, what was your final decision?

    In my particular configuration, the header pipe comes straight down through the lower cowl half, at a very slightly rearward angle. I would have to make a disconnect there, on the 2-inch pipe and continue down and rear with a 90 and muffler. The 90 and Muffler combination would have to be removable so that I could remove my lower cowl.

    Of course with any choice, size, streamline, weight and cost.

    Brad H N954BH Grass Valley, Northern California
    I'm new to the gyro world. I need to track down Insurance leads. Also, just curious, what percentage of gyro pilots carry insurance? Thanks
    Well, I don't think you nuts, you had the Mad Max which was really the first Sparrowhawk. Quit turning away those guys and come pick it up. lol
    Hey Hey Larry... I'll even pay for two months of hangar rental at a local airport so I can trade you even for the ship!! Certainly 2 months will be sufficient to sell it at the price you'd want to give it away for!! I'm still turning away guys who are offering 25k, and 26k for it!!

    I'll fly up next weekend to do the trade and fly the gyro back home!!!

    yeah.. I know you think I'm nuts!!

    Did he have an accident or health problem? I will be out early hunting hunting tomorrow morning, I fortunately hunt from the house. Still make one think about the possibilities.

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