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  • Hi Larry,

    I'd prefer to let people take teh time to absorb how this works and what it presents - before confusing many more with the next level of variables. But, since you are not the average forum attendee, you can simply turn off the Excel Protection under the Review tab. I did not asign a password.

    Be careful that you don't change any of the formulas in the spreadsheet when they are not protected - I suggest you make a copy to work with to save the original. When there has been some constructive peer review, I will publish the next phase where everyone could play with the variables.

    All the variables in the "Value" column, except gross weght and mast height are factored in the model. I am still playing with configurations to see whre theyre might be some holes in this very simple model.

    Received last night. It is legit? Or perhaps a spammer that's non-spamming?

    A spammer got into my e-mail account and I had to shut it down. My new e-mail is [email protected] Please change your records.

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm only on the forum occasionally.

    It is a reference to Chuck Beaty calling all two seaters "Lead sleds". RRPM is around 330
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