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    I already got the Texas grant and federal grant

    They usually have an expiration date on them for you to register. If you dont take the money, they will give it to a crack whore on welfare. Might as well take advantage of free money. Filling out FASFAs forms and grant writing is "work", and it is a marketable talent, not just "mooching" off...
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    Flying with no pants on

    Hey guys, A search on the subject yeilded no results. It seems like people are embarrassed to admit that they fly with no pants on. I've never flow with no pants on. Of course I come from a fixed wing back ground and they like to keep their pants on for some reason. Has anyone...
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    Maximum bank angle

    I love the g's I love the g's Is it possible with enough rotor inertia to "roll" the gyro with just stick input? I assume it would be unrecoverable if at all possible. Guys, I'm going to have a hard time giving up negative g's when my gyro is finished. Do you recommend a support group...
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    Wauchula Morons?

    Cauldron of shame Cauldron of shame Everybody...say it with me.... I AM SOFA KING WE TODD DID!!! This forum cracks me up. Good job keeping the pot stirred. 50 replys in 7 hours....I'd say a job well done. What's the prize for the 50th reply? Someone going to call me a maroon?? ________...
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    Show me your mount

    I want to start a thread on camera mounts. Please post pics of mounts if available and how well they work (ie. vibration, camera fell off at 1500 ft,). Anybody tried gyroscopic stablilizers on there gyro, or would that be redundant.:cool: Kevin ________ marijuana indica
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    Tim Chick, or other videographers

    If you have the proper conversion equipment, that should be sufficient. I have one of those video cameras that burn to a dvd-r. I messed up because my laptop has a slide load dvd (like a car stereo) so I cant load those small dvds. ________ Z1
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    Gyro Design Excel Spreadsheet – (but it needs some input)

    Great sheet Great sheet I know we aren't cutting diamonds here, but does 2 stroke fuel (with oil) heavier per gal weight than gasoline? I was always under the impression that gas was closer to 6.0 lbs/gal and Jet A was 6.84 lbs/gal. You are not running a turbine are you?:party: Never...
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    Joel's Gyrobee build thread..

    My unsolicited opinion is to become familiar with the front end with taxi tests, but I would definity load the front end with weight to simulate a multiple g landing, upwards to 7 or 8 g's. This IS a destructive test, but it will let you know if it does fail, what your operating window is. If...
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    Neat video

    Its a matter of speed Its a matter of speed Not knowing what equipment this aircraft has (droop slats, spoilers, airbrakes, ect) I can only tell you that when you slip a fixed wing with flaps in, you are flying 1) slow enough to deploy the flaps (aka...close to stall speed), 2) you are...
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    Thrust Numbers

    I understand Mike. I was just appeasing those who thought I needed 1 pound of thrust per lb of AUW. I should think that 250 lbs of thrust will get me into the air in the ultralight category. Mike, Do you know any Lacour's around Mouton Cove? Will you make it to Gonzales this weekend...
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    Thrust Numbers

    That would mean that I would need over 500 lbs of thrust. Man....That would take 100 hp plus. Half gross would be roughly 250 lbs with fuel. I can handle that thrust. I think 1000fpm would be respectable, but with with a 1:1 thrust/weight ratio, that means I can hover:whoo: Maybe I need to...
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    Thrust Numbers

    I have been informed that in order to have a "fun" gyro, you need to have a static thrust number of around the weight of the empty aircraft (254 lbs). Has anybody found that they fly with much less thrust than this, and were still able to climb over the 25 ft tree that is 1000 ft from the end...
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    Gonzales Flyin

    Yeah....Can't I attend both?:Cry: Just a little more information guys, mostly about the airport. Will there be a temporary tower set up? If so, what frequency...ect. ________ TS90
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    Gonzales Flyin

    Who's going to be there? Who's going to be there? Never being to a gyro flyin, what could I expect if I made the 200 mile journey (by car of course, rotorless gyro in tow.....maybe). My last flyin only had 1 gyro, 350 fixed wing, and 2 helicopters. Not complaining, especially since it was 15...
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    Pull scale

    What are you guys using for a pull scale. All I can find are 50 lb fish scales. Anybody every used a hydraulic cylinder? Kevin ________ Honda RC111