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  • Dennis, I really appreciate your time and help, and Also thanks to Todd for his pronto response. I always try to join this magnificent forum ,in the past few months I have been read all you guys technical conversations and I admire You Dennis, for your kindle and always ready to help anyone on any information, I also admire very much Barney Bahle and Bryan Cobb they also always help me on any information I need. I follow you guys every night in this forum try to learning from you guys. I was a extreme test pilot on different planes , from seaplane, turbo pro, jet and helicopter but definitely not a Builder, but I have some knowledge on mechanical and electronic fields. I assembly my Bell 47-G when i buy in parts with the help of a friend who is a certify aircraft mechanic, so I have some experience but not on build specifics parts.

    Again.. Thank you all you guys for your support .
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