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  • Hi Kelly,
    For now we are going down to Texas (Bridgeport) to train with Desmon( as he is available) --- possibly every 2nd weekend ....Aug 26/27 first session! We are awaiting turbo parts to get our tandem Turbo Golden Butterfly flying & then Larry has to finish the fly-off & give Desmon a check ride so he can instruct in it.
    It seems you are closer to Bridgeport than Whitewater so maybe you will be interested in the sessions down there??? For now Desmon is teaching us in his MTO - then when we get the TGB home lessons will be in that gyro out of our local airport @ Benton KS.
    We are hoping the latter will happen sometime later in Sept.
    Hope this helps . Our cell ph# 316 435 2091 (me) 316 435 2238 (Jim)
    Kelly, The KB2 has a straight axel shorter mast for the Mack engine Prop and a rock guard below the prop. The 3 has a curved axel tall mast about 90" and a Rotax engine with a 60" prop. I think you have the KB2.
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