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    Hks 700t dominator single seat

    Lamento mucho oír eso...
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    I would like to share a room in Rochester for the PRA convention.

    In that Wikipedia article, I learned that Vance's dad had set up business in Watts airport, in Beaverton, Oregon. Never having heard of Watts airport, I googled it to discover it was 1/2 mile south of Bernard's airport, which I had been to as a youngster living nearby. I remember thinking how...
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    HP and gyro design

    The original Air Command that Dennis Fetters sold as an ultralight when having the Rotax 447 as the powerplant did not weigh less than 254#. I weighed an original style (Low Rider) Air Command that had a Rotax 503 on it. Stock, w/ McCutchen Skywheels rotorblades. I don't recall the exact...
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    That's a very good price for a 582 powered, centerline thrust gyroplane! "N" #? (It's since been pointed out to me the N# is on the top of the instrument panel)
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    Got a Sportcopter hub bar, need an RAF. Anybody want to swap?

    UPS, Fed-X, & the postal system made the world a much smaller place! Even though their shipping rates have suffered inflation, using them is still far cheaper than having to travel to buy parts...
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    Like-New Sport Copter Vortex Available For Sale $17.5K

    A hint to potential buyers: Owner is not a country-bumpkin who fell off the turnup truck on the way to market, although he looks like one! I feel can say that knowing him! He is highly intelligent & enjoys thinking along the lines of alternative power methods, politics, the general & specific...
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    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    If one were to remove it from the crate & then attempt to claim they "built" it, then Yes, not legit. But, if it were me wanting to claim it as AB, I'd wants to make changes to various parts, adding this or removing that. I guess most people would, given the nature of humans as to their toys. I...
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    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    Barry must be one of the First Adopters. They actually do the rest of us & those innovative manufacturers a service by trying out the new products, which in turn makes many people start foaming at the mouth in their desire to also get one. Remember the hysteria that swept the world about the...
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    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    Until someone has one of these delivered, will we be able to verify if it is indeed under 254#, & more importantly, able to fly someone (who weighs more than 180#) adequately on that small engine. Part 103 also has a top speed limit of 63 mph...their specs state 68.3 mph. The fuel tank...
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    Like-New Sport Copter Vortex Available For Sale $17.5K

    Owner previously had an Air Command gyroplane that he flew as an ultralight in the early 1990's. Also has numerous R-22 hrs. of instruction, as well as owned a Brantley helicopter that he took dual instruction in.
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    Air Command 2 place tandem trainer

    He listed his phone # in his 1st post...
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    Regluing the Super Mac

    Dave: Glue holds the...intake manifold onto the case? Is that to ensure no intake leaks (too lean)? Hadn't heard MACs are glued" together!
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    Like-New Sport Copter Vortex Available For Sale $17.5K

    Added instrument panel/interior cockpit photo onto Post #2.
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    Rotax 582 Greyhead for sale

    This overhauled Rotax 582 grey-head engine would be a Plug-N-Play add-on to the Sport Copter Vortex posted For Sale today! Then the owner of that gyro would have it's current engine as a spare replacement that only needs new seals & gaskets.
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    Like-New Sport Copter Vortex Available For Sale $17.5K

    Additional photos: (Updated 06-30-20) Photo of interior cockpit/instrument panel added).