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    Crescendo Build

    Ok, Brian, was it Doug R.?
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    Blade Flap, also called Blade Sailing in UK.

    @ the 8:06 point in the video, in the last point, I believe it should read excessively "loading" instead of excessively "unloading". The pilot attempted to get the rotorblades up to flight speed by an aft movement, which introduced more airflow into the rotor disc than they are capable of...
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    Blade Flap, also called Blade Sailing in UK.

    Leigh: You may be correct, and he well might be a transplant to Texas, according to the N# shown in the video of his Magni.
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    Some thoughts on cross wind takeoffs.

    Bad link there, Dave, also, on June 25 on your FB page.
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    Some thoughts on cross wind takeoffs.

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    Visit to Fraundorfer Aeronautics.

    Interesting gyroplane concept. The overhead view photo (if real & not CGI) shows a sleek machine. Also interesting is the second comment @ the end of that article, stating the DiNelly & Arrowcopter gyroplanes heritage, if true. That commentator apparently is one of the DiNelly principals, who...
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    Seeking Ideas & Plans for Rotor Blade Hoist

    Tell more about the telescoping pole...something I've been interested in for some time. Is it off the shelf or homemade? How does it work?
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    Any chance remembering where to see that, Steve?
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    Which Andy is this, Fara? Was that the gyro pilot in Mallorca?
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    Enjoying the freedoms of El Mirage Dry Lake during the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-in (2020)

    But, among all the dirt & rocks is 50+ years of gyro flying history there on the lakebed!
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    Autogyro design pdf

    Confusing to me, since spelling Covid w/ the "r" in it (CoRvid) refers to the family of smart black birds such as ravens & crows. I like both because they are very smart. Fledglings crows do "crow hops" in their beginning-to-fly cycle. I have never witnessed ravens fledglings, since they appear...
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    Learning to fly gyros

    I believe that is Dr. Paul Salmon. Cape Giradeau, Mo. I also believe he is a Gyroplane-CFI & Heli-CFI. Magni gyro (M-24?)
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    SOLD: Local Craigslist ad: Air Command gyro-$7,000! SOLD

    This Air Command has been SOLD. It went east to Idaho.
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    This Mosquito has been SOLD!
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    thrust required to fly dominator single sit with 330kg gross weight

    The EA-81 in direct drive mode was only able to carry a lightweight pilot IN A GYRO. 4-stroke engines such as a VW or Subaru are quite heavy for their output in DD mode. Anyone over 180# (82kg) was disappointed as they were attempting to use it for flying around in a directly-driven engine IN A...