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  • Kevin,
    I'll be working this week end, so find out what you can about the flight lesson possibilities there at Scappoose. I have not had any luck in getting through. I talked to Jim mid March and he said to call back in April. Here it is April and the secretary is as far as I get..."Jim is in a meeting right now, can he call you back?" He never calls. I'm just wondering if he nixed the idea of using Dave or is he saving the opportunity for buyers only.... Not sure what's going on.
    Kevin I got your message. Yea the PRA73 meeting will be in our neck of the woods...great! My son in law bought a boat from the guy whose house is right next to the airport. We hopped into his little Cessna and followed Brad to the freeway with the boat in tow. Can't remember the guys name...

    I found a gyro model to fly a flight sim call X-Plane. They have a RAF 2000 and the German made tadum model. I'll let you know if it's any good.


    Jim L
    Sounds great, Jim! See you then. I have to leave around 2:15 PM to get to work on time.

    So, is that your daughter in your profile photo?
    Hi Kevin,
    It looks like I have the week end off. Lord willing I'll see you are the PRA73 meeting. I'll plan to show up for the breakfast at 11:00. I have a friend who lives in Scapoose who may bring his son to see the antique aircraft.
    Hey Kevin
    Clint told me you got a Yamaha Genesis much are they going for and he said you got a gearbox for it too.
    Kevin I do not have your e-mail address so if you would please send it to me I will get these KB 2 plans out to you.

    Kevin got the KB2 plans do you want a copy of these if so send me an e-mail address you want me to send the PDF file to.

    Hey Kevin if all goes right I should have the plans to the KB2 do you want a copy in PDF when I get them done.

    Wooo Hooo I got two new engines, I got two new engines. Kevin what is that aircraft in your avitar. Thats cool, how does it fly, are there plans for that thing, details, details, let me know some stuff about it. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Hey Kevin got my first engine in this past week and the other will be here monday. I will get paid thursday, do have an idea when those blade plans will get here , I want to get them done and back to you. If those blade look and come out right math wise I may just make me a set to fly with. I am down to rotor head and blades to go fly.

    To find the videos I shot go to YouTube and search my for my handle " TheOky777" . Let me know if that doesnt work.
    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks. I actually feel great sympathy for Ms. Tyler. She is one of those people that probably makes friends quickly but can not maintain the friendship.

    The story, from line 5 on, is in Tina's own words, copied from posts she has made.

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