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  • Kevin,

    I purchased a Monarch Butterfly with 582 almost identical to yours that you purchased from Iven Connery. I am getting ready to fly mine and would love to chat with you about any advice you may have, particularly about blade management. My email is [email protected] and phone is 707.332.3117. I will be going to Bensen Days this year. Love the video of you in 2010 there - very impressive! Bart O'Brien
    Hi kevin,

    Since where neabers now just wondering if your getting the itch to fly again. I dragged my old beater out of the tractor barn last week and moved it into the hanger, to see what it would take to get it airborn. I'm getting the itch bad again and was just wondering if you ever plan on flying anymore ? Drop by the house/hanger sometime.
    Sorry to take so long to reply but I did'nt see the message posted ! What a dumb butt I am! I found out about Larrys grandchild on the "facebook". I'll have to call Larry and give him my number again.
    We are all doing good,The cold weather makes me lone for Florida some what but not enough to put up with the traffic and drugs to come back. Wauchula is about as far south as I want to go but I have children there in Ft. Myers and Immokalee and will sneak in once a year or so when Hannah has a day or two off from school.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Bensen Days 2010. Take care untill then.
    Hey Kevin, Are ya still alive? When are ya coming back down? The ole butterfly is getting lonely..haha. Hope your doing ok.
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