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    Pontoons on a Gyroplane ?

    Aviation Artur Trendak sales floats as additional equipment here is the movie showing how it fly
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    Why Aviation Artur Trendak

    Dear all , please note, that buying from AVIATION Artur Trendak, you get full service! [/URL][/IMG]
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    Dear all we have TERCEL models for sale: Prices starts from 75 000 EU for enclosed brand new TERCEL !!! go to and check configurator ! for more questions contact with our sales
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    Why Aviation Artur Trendak

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    New over here :)

    Hi Brent For this moment we have only Florida dealer : Currently we are opening a branch with assemply plant in USA so our USA customers/dealers will avoid import costs and procedures. We are looking for dealers for each state. best Karolina
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    New over here :)

    Dear All, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Karolina - I am Marketing & Sales Manager in AVIATION Artur Trendak company. I am here in order to get a feedback about our and not just our gyroplanes, as my goal (which so far I manage to realize :whoo:, is creating and delivering...