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  • Hey Kandace! I have been off the forum for a year. Started building a 2 place fixed wing. I think it's time to get serious about selling your Gyrobee. Just thought I'd give you first crack at it. Let me know if you are interested.
    Matt Michalski
    [email protected]
    Hi Stan, Yes I had to do a 180 auto. It is a required maneuver. I find the 180 is a lot easier than the straight in.

    Thanks for the congrats! I really appreciated it. Waiting until July! Yuk. I will enjoy it! I'm going to start getting busy with airplane students soon, but I'm going to keep plugging away at the commercial requirements. That checkride is next!

    Kandac- Did you have to do a 180 auto for your check ride? My instructor says I will...and its no big deal...but I was told that just a straight in auto is all that is required.

    Congratulations again.....you went after it like I had planned...but my plans got sidetracked out of my control. The worst case is I have to wait till late in July when the FAA allows my 185 pound examiner to test me. Have fun and enjoy that ticket! Stan
    Thank you Stan, I hope it goes well. My prep flight yesterday went really well. I have two more flights scheduled next week to keep the skills up....and then the checkride on Saturday! I can't believe this is happening. I've wanted this ever since I started flying.
    I can't wait to be a certificated helicopter pilot! Kandace
    Kandace- Are you all excited about your checkride next weekend? My examiner situation had my 3 hour prep time runout. Whenever I find an examiner that weighs no more that 185....I will go get two 1.5 hour lessons and get my rating. I will be so glad to get that off my mind. Good luck...I know you will do well. Stan
    Kandace send me your e-mail address and I will send you the KB 2 PDF that also include the drawings for making the rotor head. I will send the drawings for making the flight controls as soon as they are done.

    Kandace- I am proud of you how you are going at your helicopter rating so aggresively! You are going to get it before I get my check ride! Congratulations...now I am jealous!!!
    Hey Sis no longer nessesary I got a complete set today in my hands. Send me an e-mail address for you and I will send you the PDF file for them when they are copied. This way you did not have to send them out.

    Sure no problem how much would it be and what address would you like me to send it to. I will send it this week.

    Hi Stan, I got your message. You should fly one sometime! Hey I found out my instructor has some time in Helicycle's!
    Kandace- Fantastic! Let me know if you got this message. I am not sure my responses here in the friends section is working.
    Hey Kandace I hope you are doing well. Hope you thought those plans over if you like I would be more then willing to send you postage for them I know times are getting really tight all over and every little bit matters. I work for the Gonvernment so resession is not hitting me at all.

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