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  • I agree, when I first became interested in Gyros I liked the Hornet design and I have stuck to his design almost entirely, only changed the rudder pedals and floorboard. since then I have learned alot more by going to fly-ins & reading this forum. I still favor the Hornet design.
    That sounds great Hornets nest. I wish Don would not have given up. Just prove your design and the hell with everyone else. I was following a thread with kiwi on his hornet and he was very innovative with a lot of carbon fiber changes to Don's design. I look forward to seeing how his Carbon fiber suspension holds up and reacts to landing.

    Well that is a question since I've practically started over 3 times. I keep coming across new and better build designs and I keep incorporating them into my Hornet. I now call it a Super Hornet. I was at one point 85% done. Now about 45%. but hopefully by the time I get to my transition from student to pilot it will be ready.

    So what do you think about a Hornet Owners Club...I thought to call it the Hornets Nest! Would you be up for that? If you need any help I have tons of info and I'm
    finding more everyday. I even had some minor correspondence with Don Shoebridge, however he says he's no longer interested in the gyro community. Some conflict within certain gyro groups dogged him and I guess he has bad blood about it. Oh well, my skin is thicker, I fight back. Thankx for the response. Talk to you later. Darren
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