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  • No, unfortunately I'll be back in Nigeria then. I'm hoping to get to mentone though. Been looking at the flights so will prob book it this week. I'll be in florida for some recurrent training in June so I should get down to Watchula then

    Just now saw your message.
    Glad to hear from you. Susan says 'Hi'.
    I heard you're comin' back home........could that be true?
    I hope so but I thought you had found your future up yonder.......
    Can't wait to hear the story.....
    Hay JR,
    I have been learning alot and flying as much as I can (which is not enough...)
    I pulled the muffler system off and had it chrome coated. just got it back on a couple of weeks ago. will send a pic when I am there again.
    I need to get the gyrodeere finished up and get it in the air too.
    Hope your doing well, and maybe I will see you at Mentone this coming year!!
    Hey J.R. please send to me your phone number. I need to talk to you about the water and sewer assesments in the north east part of the cape. You can email me at [email protected] or call me 265-632-1441 or better my cell at 256-254-8266.
    Thank you, see you new years at Wauchula.
    Hey JR i r=tried calling your number 239-233-6394 and its in spanish and disconnected or something...I asked Brooke to give me your number but he is not speaking to me ...LOL when you call him on his **** he pouts and tries to find someone else...Anyway Happy New Year and I know we have one final payment together and thanks for being true to your word..Call me when you get this message please 561=236=3042 and since I don't know Brookes status these days please mail me your final payment to 2942 Plumosa Lane Lake Park Florida 33403...hows the bike running...headr you took it a few tmes to wachulia...Peace out Kelly
    Thanks for droppin in to visit me, feel free to say hi and I'll get back with ya. Lookin to meet everyone in our world of flyin Gyros. My door is always open for a visit as a Moron in Wachula.
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