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  • Hi John!
    Hope you have had a good Christmas. Have you moved yet? Waiting for some spares. Have a good New Year.
    John, Are going to Homer Bell`s fly-inn this year? Taking your ship? Love to see
    you there, to meet you in person! Good luck

    Hey John !
    Bird Is Looking And Sounding Awesome , Cant Wait To See Her Fly !
    Keep Up The Great Work Your Doing , I Know Its Tough But The Rewards
    Will Be Sweet In The End . (Tom)

    Saw on the RW Forum you have now admitted to going the 120hp Yamaha way, good on you there!! I'm going to go with the 130hp FI version. Will share my experiences with you. Not competing with anyone, it's for my own machine only.

    Did Todd send you an engine with a crank in it. Have you been able to confirm that the Mini-500 clutch spindle #0172 slips straight onto the Yamaha taper, or does it have to be re-machined to clear the Yamaha casing? I see that as my biggest "worry", as I don't have an engine yet. Todd and some other guy's are on the lookout for a motor for me, but no joy yet. No motor - no conversion for me. I'm struggling to find one, but will eventually get it. I have already sold my 582, I'm committed to getting a Yamaha now.


    I'll do that. What is the weight and dimensions of the package? Shipping costs to Oz will be one of the deciding factors. Safety first, but some guys don't think like that !! You might want to check if the package will be able to ship via USPS International Parcel Service. Get a USPS quote to Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, zipcode 4655, let me know how much. If the weight is too much, might even be better to break the package down into 2 shipments, to make it allowable.

    Are you delivering the same Mast Support Upgrade Manual, the one Dennis produced?


    Hello John, I can see you have been very busy starting your new business, I understand how you must be feeling doing the same thing myself.
    I called my source on the Yamaha's and asked him about crate motors and he had to check to see if he could even get them at all. I have another source that I will call in the near future and let you know what I find out.
    Good luck on your mini 500's
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