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    Bensen Days Promo

    Still time to make plans to attend!
  2. Joe Pires i think this will work. i think this will work.
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    Bensen Days Flyer

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    Awaiting Moderation

    I have posted a few time recently for Bensen Days and found my posts held up for as long as two days. Have I somehow been identified as a problem poster or are all posts being put through this scrutiny?
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    Are you bringing a machine to sell at Bensen Days?

    If you are planning to come to Bensen Days and are bringing a machine to sell you are invited to post it on the Bensen Days Facebook page. I think this link will get you there if you haven't yet visited us.
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    Bensen Days 2020 Event and Camping Registration Now Open!

    Only 8 full power camping spots left.
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    It was an standard 24 foot trailer. I had them remove the v nose, and finish the top front square instead of rounded. I added smaller spacing on the side wall and roof members. I added 30 inches of height, to accomodate my mast height. Then i brought it to a fabricator. He grafted the box...
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    Since this post i have received my trailer and have made my first road trip. I am happy to say it wo Hi Allen sorry for the late reply but I just saw this. I did finish my trailer and completed my first trip trailering my gyro about a 1200 mile round trip and my design seems to work. My...
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    Bensen Days 2020 Event and Camping Registration Now Open!

    I posted this yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared? The registration website for Bensen Days 2020 is now active. If you plan to camp in a full power spot, early is better than later. See you there!
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    Bensen Days Camping Is Open!

    Bensen Days 2020 - March 25-March 30 Visit or use the link below to register for Bensen Days.
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    Pod or Not

    I am not sure how often Norman visits this site, but he is active on facebook. Post on the PRA site and tag Norman Lethbridge, he has extensive cold weather flying experience. He flies off skis. I will tell you if you want to fly at cross country speeds a pod is pretty significant from the...
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    camping at Bensen days

    Questions on the facebook page would be seen and responded too more quickly. But the answer you got is correct. The "primitive sites" always have space. Hope to see you there.
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    Sunstate Wing & Rotor Club

    As far as I know it has disbanded.
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    Yes, I will definitely be removing my rotor blades. My fabricator has promised completion by tomorrow, but its likely to be two more weeks. I am 15 miles west if 95, maybe you can stop by on your way south.
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    Alan I have similar goals. I want to fly some of the iconic and beautiful landscapes across our country. I hope to pickup my trailer on Tuesday having been at the fabricators since March. I as m hoping to make my first trip to North Carolina in October. I am in Florida, wh as t part of the...