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  • "and the Behemoth bracket that solved my pre-rotater problems." You showed a pic of the new mount.
    Did that fix the vibrations? what was the problem you solved? Could you make another mount for me by chance? Mine is pretty loose.
    ' Cycleflyer here , I had Steves phone number when I met him at this years Mentone , I was the guy pulling the KB3 behind my motorcycle .Will you send me hs phone number please ? steves number please
    Joe Pires
    Joe Pires
    I just saw this, If its McGowan your looking for it is 478-451-1451
    Hello Joe,
    I've typed several notes now and none will go through... saying keep it under 420 words (where there's only 100.. oy)
    What's your thoughts on the Duo? Looking to get one.
    Joe Pires
    Joe Pires
    Not sure what a duo is. If it's an aviomania gs2, which I fly a prototype of I am very pleased with my machine. Mine however is very different from the production model. My frame is much heavier. I fly 130 horse, I believe his standard is the 100hp rotax. My rotor, rotorhead, and prerotater are all by rotorflight dynamics. Still his product appears to be very well designed.
    Joe , did you get my email address.? ... [email protected]

    Right after I posted it, I got an email from Stan Foster. I was happy to hear from him so I emailed him back....3 times !

    They all bounced back ? Could someone else please try him & tell him I am sorry ? [email protected]

    It seems it won't even post the email address here !!!!????
    Hey Joe will give this info to the EAA chapter I belong to. To try to get more people involved thanks for the link

    Sincerely SWilliams.k
    Didn't you add an aux tank like Ed has?
    Behind the seat?
    I've also added one.
    But now my hang test shows I'm nose down.
    I don't mind making new cheek plates, I'm just surprised I may need to.
    P.S. Say 'hi' to Laura.

    My name is Ken Fietz, webmaster for I had an idea that might help with PRA membership (no idea if it will work) and contacted Tim O'Connor. He thought it was a good idea and I am trying to get this little production together. The idea being to make a YouTube video as an interview- about what PRA is and why one should join... I have contacted Tim Chick, who has kindly agreed to shoot and produce the clip, I have offered to conduct the interview and post it on my website (at no cost to anyone). What I need is an interview subject- I was hoping for the Chapter President of Sunstate ( 1st choice) but if he is physically unable or not wishing to do this - would you or someone else in the chapter be willing to participate?
    Planning so far is to conduct the shoot during Bensen Days, Friday and maybe Saturday.
    You can contact me here or by [email protected]

    Thanks so Much,
    Hi Joe! Have you decided yet? Do you want me to ride along with me? I can tow your gyro I have a 2 inch ball on my car. Let me know ok? I'll leave Thursday around midnight.
    Where is your property in FL? Would it be the Eagles Nest, near Georgetown? I have a place in Georgetown and am interested in a "ultralight and gyro friendly" air field. Thanks,
    Hi Joe,
    I have been discussing this with Trez Vining for several weeks. I have only ordered and received the very same wheel (Darnell 64) with the same hardness paint dot (?) that Dick used for the last 35 years (he did experiment around with cheaper though)
    If there was any change, it was the folks at Darnell. I will give them a call. My distributor said to be certain that we are dealing with wheels of the same age. They will harden with age. Tom
    Hi JR,

    I first post my pics to a free website called Then they provide me with a button that has the syntax to use on the forum.

    as an example this phrase inside of a forum post will display one of the pictures in my online photo album. Remove the word joes from the begining of the /img statement


    If this isnt clear start by going to and creating an album. Then I will show you to do it if its still not clear.

    Laura and I miss you guys too.
    Hay Joe, had a question about downloading pics to the forum the way you do it. Will you could give me a call when ya get a chance, I'd love to know how you post yours. Thanks alot, HI Laura. We miss you guys @ the Moron hive. J.R.
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