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    Tandem gyro plans

    The combination of two motorcycle gearboxes to couple the front and rear rotors has presented some issues. The drag created by the mating of the gearboxes has too much drag to be started by a normal running take off. At this point, this problem may require partial power. My major concern is...
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    lathe advise

    The thing that you need to consider is that the lathe is the cheapest part of your purchase. I have spent twice as much on tools than the lathe.
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    Tandem gyro plans

    I've spent the last weekend cleaning and modifying my gearboxes. The modifications were changing the air vents by 90* and changing the fill cap into a sight glass. I was also trying to determine the amount of force required to turn the shaft. It measured 15 pounds but I have little...
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    Tandem gyro plans

    I received two Honda GL 1800 gearboxes yesterday by UPS. These will be modified to be used on my tandem project. The gearboxes will be coupled and mounted on a trailer to test their durability. I will start posting pictures as soon as there is something to see.
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    kicking a dead horse

    So 12% is a pretty fine frog! A 13% frog is not so fine. Well, I guess, I'll go get me some kick-a-poo-joy juice!
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    kicking a dead horse

    I have following this thread with great interest. From my reading, there is a constant reference to a term "fineness". Doesn't this refer to a rotor blade smoothness and improved performance?
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    Tandem gyro plans

    Does anyone know the mast angle of the AS 18?
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    Gyroplane at the Dayton Airshow

    Doug, That was beautiful! I wish that they a space for my hoveround. Keep up the great work.
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    Happy birthday George Jacob!

    Jake, You are one the best gyro guy on the forum and have my total admiration! Happy B-day and keep up with your value contribution to all of the rotorheads here.
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    Tandem gyro plans

    Could the fill cap be made into a sight glass for oil level and filler? If you used a couple of elbows and clear tubing. Thanks Don!
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    Tandem gyro plans

    Don, You had recommended that a solution to my gearbox problem may the use of a Honda final drive differential. I have been looking at a GL1800 differential but I have a question about the lubrication. Since it will run on it's side, what changes would I need to make to insure good...
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    Carl Hinshaw video of barrel rolls & maybe a loop also

    Is Carl still around? It looks like he enjoys living on the edge!
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    Happy Birthday Rusty Nance!

    Warrant Officers have no birthdays! They have manufacture dates. Anyway, have a good one Rusty! Hooah!
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    Gyrocopter-Military Aircraft Encounters

    Erik, The F5E&F are both two seaters as is the T38 trainer. There are some differences between the two like the F5 has a longer nose for radar and guns. The F5 in the picture is a Spanish aircraft from their fighter lead-in school.
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    Taiwan plane crash - unreal dash cam caught it

    This looks like the pilot was bitten by the Vmca (blue line). The ATR had the classic roll to the dead engine and the pilot took no action to correct it.