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    Road Trip - A Kind of Flying Adventure - Look What Followed Me Home...

    In the first photo, it definitely looks blue but in the second one teal. Both look nice!
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    Wings Question

    I read an article about the rising insurance rates a few weeks ago that made a point of making sure your insurance agent pointed out to the underwriters how you were obviously an above-average and most assuredly exemplary pilot with a demonstrated quest for excellence based on your Wings levels...
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    Wings Question

    Did you ask?
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    Wings Question

    I'm a new Sport Pilot ASEL and will start working on my gyro endorsement next week. I've been advised that Sport Pilots should stick with Basic Wings and that you can keep earning levels indefinitely. True? Also, do the insurance underwriters take notice of what kind of aircraft you do the...
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    Video of my very first flight on gyro (Magni M-24) .

    16 minutes of video with about 16 seconds of content. I don't count the occasional finger wagging at gauges w/o commentary as content. On the good side, at least the annoying music stopped around the seven minute mark. Not that I listened to it that long - thank goodness for fast forward. LOL
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    Training question

    Autogyro has an option for a Variable Pitch Prop (VPP) which is not Sport Pilot legal.
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    New Sport Pilot

    I got my Sport Pilot ASEL ticket today. Off to Zephyrhills as soon as I can to get my gyro endorsement!
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    Pitch Question

    Thanks Vance the pictures help a lot.
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    Pitch Question

    Thank you WaspAir. That was very helpful and I can get my mind wrapped around your explanation!
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    Pitch Question

    But if the rotor is pitched down, how is air coming up through the bottom to keep it in autorotation? I am probably being really dense but I am struggling to visualize how it works. And, none of the two gyro books I have really explain this part when they discuss the aerodynamics of the rotor.
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    Pitch Question

    When the stick is all the way forward, the rotor is level (or close to it) and there is no elevator. So, why does the nose pitch down when the stick is pushed forward?
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    What's wrong with this AR1C? The price is extremely low and if memory serves, it has been showing up on Barnstormers for months. PS What is with advertisers and the 999 thing? The average brain does not say $93,000 when they see $92,999?
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    Factory built?

    Autogyro MTO Sport is the only option I can think of that meets your requirements.