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    2008 Benson Gyro copter parting out, flyable experimental N33BS

    Will you sell the blades separately? Call me if so: 479-747-4323
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    Ron, what type rotor blades? I need a set of Dragon Wings (23') or other for my Bensen. Have a friend that needs one DW 23' rotor.
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    Bensen's for sale

    Looks like metal blades on one. What type? Would you sell them separately?
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    VW Conversion: Need electrical coil, armature

    Great responses, Guys. Thanks. I'd like to go Jake's stator/rotor system. How much, Jake? I've ordered the Cubota gen but like the idea of mounting it belt-less.
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    VW Conversion: Need electrical coil, armature

    I'm building a VW for my Bensen and need ideas and parts to build a generator that attaches to bell housing end. I can go with belt-driven Kubota type external generator by making a pulley, but prefer the motorcycle-type with a stationary coil mounted to xmission end of engine and rotating...
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    "Your best or most awesome picture of your GYRO/ HELO sitting on the ground"

    Steve and The Black Steve and The Black Don't forget Mr. McGowan!
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    Behind the power curve

    What will a Bensen style gyro do if the pilot is deliberately flying at near-ground level at very low speed, nose high, behind the power curve, and the engine suddenly quits? I used to do this for practice, but thinking now it would lead to a crash. I doubt that one could safely recover even...
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    When you get one developed that I can use with my Rotor Hawk blades and RFD head, I'll buy it, Jon.
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    That report was very informative. It tells me to check torque of all of the assembly bolts, but I don't even know the values. Help!
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Took some pictures for everyone today, and assembled the blades with new parts. I now need to string, balance, and adjust pitch as needed, while I look to the wisdom of this forum to determine a proper future direction to pursue (new Dragon Wings? - I always wanted some of those, a straight hub...
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Jeff, as I said to Juergen, there is built-in pre cone. The crack progressed through the bolt hole and part way through the adjacent blade-side edge. There was not much metal left to hold that bolt! I'll try and get some pictures taken soon so everyone interested can see details better. Jim
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Juergen, I'm hoping I'll be able to find another system with a straight bar, but the bar I'm now using has milled-in coning angle. Jim
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Try these picture links Try these picture links
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    During a preflight being performed by a dear friend, a crack was discovered in my 24’ Neal Carnes Rotor Hawk hub bar. The crack was in the hub bar extension at one of the two outer holes to which the rotors are bolted. See attached pictures. The blades had 330 hours on them and had never been...
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    Old-style Bensen Head w/Rod end brngs

    I have an old style Bensen head that used Alinabal CM6 3/8" rod end bearings to support the torque tube and allow pitch movement. These bearings are each rated at 5100# static load. At a Bensen Days flyin I was not allowed to fly until I bought a modern RFD head. I believe I was told that if I...