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  • Penzoil 2-cycle for air cooled engines (NOT outboards). Mix 50:1 in 100LL.
    Many have different choices, but this has been used by most for decades and is proven. Much more info on Forum can be found in "Advanced searches."
    Post pictures of what ur doing on the Forum so others can see and offer comments.
    Got the flanges, and the pictures were great. Took it down to the muffler guy and he has me coming in This Wednesday. Question? (remember I'm not a mechanic, but learning) Looks like you had a 60hp Mac. Mine is a 90hp Mac, and not seeing any oil pan i have to assume its a two stroke that needs oil mixed in with the gas. I Assume gas would be 100 octane, but what about the oil? What did or do you use at what ratio?
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