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  • Could I trouble you to add the optimal center of mass and CG to the drawing you recently posted. I am working on a design to convert an Airbike to a gyro. I have a set of plans and a n airframe to play with. So far, I have determined that the CG for the aircraft appears to be close to the center of the pilot. I don't know if repeating that matters but if you could point out the results I should get doing a double hang test, I would appreciate the help.

    How is your build coming along BTW?
    Bonjour Jean Claude.
    I always read your messages in this forum because I like going to bed knowing a little more and you are a source of very good information.
    But this morning I have realize that you are the same person that designed and built the Pelican, a plane extremely interesting to me. I cannot refrain from expressing my admiration to such a person like you.
    Hi from the UK
    there are a few , very few single seat pilots left in the UK, we would like to become a deregulated category which will enable us to inovate and bring our machines up to modern standards. to help ius in this do you have any accident statistics from France which is much more deregulated than the UK. single seat vs factory built accidents, accidents due to improper experimentation, design or build quality. the officials think we will build unsafe machines and want examples from other deregulated countries. it's hard to get statistics for deregulated flying machines ... as they are unregulated with no reporting !
    if you have anythin, anything it will help us a lot thanks Peter
    Thanks for your honest response to my question.

    Please post photos and info as you make progress. I'm thinking about trying to build a scale-model of your design if I can calculate enough information from your pictures.

    Best of luck!

    My project is under construction. Just for my own curiosity. I do not plan on drawing sets. Sorry.
    Best regards
    Jean Claude
    Your "JCD04" project is very interesting to me. Do you have a set of plans for that gyro that you share with others?

    I m making my ultraligh with 37 h.p Engine fixd wing can u help me what r the rules of making homebuilt plane
    Hi Jean-Claude,

    Bryan Cobb here. I am in need of a set of serviceable Mini-500 Main Rotor Blades and a good tail rotor gearbox.

    I was reading on the Yahoo Group where a guy was dying of cancer, and you were talking to him about buying his parts.

    Do you have some parts that I need?

    Bryan Cobb
    [email protected]
    Dear Jean Claude,

    Im an aeronautical engineer with fixed wing design experience, im currently designing an gyro and have lot of problems and confusion over the aerodynamic calculations. I read your posts regarding your design. Please suggest or provide me some design study material or programed spreadsheets etc, which can help me a lot.

    [email protected]

    Thanks and regards
    Un petit bonjour de Floride! Je suis originellement de Lille, enfin, a 16 km de Lille, Comines.. Aux US depuis 1993...
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