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  • Hi Jon,
    Considering a purchase. Are you still happy with the Air Trikes PSRU? They have changed the name (AT-160) but specs seem to be same as the SPG-4 which I assume was made by Suzi Power Group - probably still is.

    Jon, Sorry that your unable to make Mentone this year. My wife and I like to camp out at these events. We leave our RAF at home. I attend most of the forums and my wife loves the homemade ice cream and pies, well, I like them too!
    I look forward to meeting you in person. Stan
    Thanks Jon. It means alot coming from pilots of your caliber. I'm finding that the videoing/editing/posting are as big a challenge as the flying. I guess that's why I love all of it. Without sacrifice, there is no reward might apply.
    I heard you were the person to talk with goped prerotaters. Need all info on how to build one . Thanks john
    Jon, I just found out today that Jeff is about done with my dynofocal mount, I called to tell him that i would be picking it up tomorrow to get it done and he told me he's almost done with it now.... can you belive it...... oh yeaaaaa..
    Jon,,,,,I have a guy from Tuscaloosa, AL,,,,name is Robert E. Turner,,,,e-mail [email protected],,,,phone 256-761-9836,,,,he bought Wayne Stargell's gyro and has a Ken Brock KB 2,,,,wants to find a CFI,,,,,he also owns a tri pacer and possibly will fly to our Rome PRA meeting this Dec 3rd,,,,,,,he's 66 and wants to fly a gyro real bad
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