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    Learning from an NTSB final report.

    Land, stop, taxi to centerline, doesn't sound exactly like a touch and go, but even so, If you are half decent at landing, the blades aren't going to decay to anywhere near a zero energy state from doing that anyway. Are you likely to have to re-engage the prerotator after a typical landing with...
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    Learning from an NTSB final report.

    There is one issue that seems to be overlooked when it comes to training with respect to takeoffs. Almost every person I have ever talked to considers it a takeoff after a touch and go. That is not a takeoff in my opinion. Since the blades are up to speed and the risk of flapping is nearly nil...
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    springs for an offset rotor head

    The spring wont effect the hang test, it comes into play when the rotors are turning at flight speed and balances the rotors lift vs the offset on the gimble. To get the rotorhead into the mid position for the hang test, use a shim that is half the full travel to the stop and put it in the...
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    springs for an offset rotor head

    Generally the springs are about 6 to 12 inches long and 3/4" to 1" inch diameter with a wire size of about .035. If you pull it it takes about 30 pounds of force to deflect it a few inches. Lots of springs have been used, often from the local hardware store. There will be a certain amount of...
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    Autogyro Pre rotation

    Try adding some throttle when you prerotate to keep the engine RPM up. 2000 RPM idle seems a bit high to me....
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    Bensen Days 2022

    Good video Abid. That looks like a great system!
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    PRA 60th Annual Convention ...2022

    The dates are Aug 3-6 2022 this year aren't they ??
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    Carolina BarnStormers Spring 2022

    Pretty much every Barnstormer is a VIP in the greater Northern Wadesboro area !!
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Denis's tube within a tube walking beam stick looks very neat and well designed ! Are you finally going to be reunited with the Blue Max at Bensen days this year? Will you be taking her home? Where is home Leigh?
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    The Start of my new flying adventure

    Are you installing ADSB because you want it or because it is required? I was under the impression that aircraft without electrical systems (like cubs for instance) it isn't required?
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    Bird strike?

    Metal blades pretty much ended wood blades for gyros, (with a few notable exceptions like Wallis). How does wood v metal compare for your bird?
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    Bird strike?

    Is it going to be $48,000 to repair or replace the blade? If repaired, what does that do to TBO?
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    250kW Motor Weighs 15 kg

    Cleantechnica is a fairly reliable source but the devil is always in the details.
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    Tango tail feathers

    If you get the basic measurements and weight, post it here. Im interested in that tail as well.
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    Wireless PTT

    Jake, Are you still selling seat tanks ??