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  • The Little Wing 5 is tied down at the Lincoln Airport., northeast of Sacramento, CA. Only one system needs additional attention.

    The electric pre-rotation inline fuse.
    I am up to popping 200amp ANL fuses. I have the correct size wiring and the suggested starter motor. I am pulsing the switched solenoid. But it's the spiked initial amperage draw with such a high inertial load. Is this normal? Or am I missing something.
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    I'm not sure there is any need for a fuse there. What are you protecting? 200 amps x 12 volts is 2400 watts or a little over 3 hp . What's the rated power of the motor? There will be a big inrush current if you don't flip the blades and just prerotate from a dead stop. I'd either get rid of the fuse altogether or switch to a slow blow type rated slightly higher than the expected max current the motor draws.

    I pulled the trigger on the aluminum 2x2, plate and angle. Can we meet sometime in the next couple of weeks for the 1x2?. I also ordered bolts washers and nuts.

    God Bless

    Curtis Scholl
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    Sure Curtis, Give me a call anytime. I have been talking to my apprentice and he may also be building a gyro....
    Go for it! This is a Fantastic deal!

    "I wish there was another gyro pilot within 100 miles of me.... Someone's gonna get a beauty for cheap."
    1st video ala GoPro...oh buddy, I'm looking forward to some more. Great job and nice flying skills. I have found that it takes some special consideration to coordinate the flight with the purpose of quality raw footage. I'd love to see the same flight air to air if you can talk a buddy into it (might have to offer him a life jacket :))...Consider a helmet mount too. Offers me some versatility in some situations. I will probably plagerize your choice of tunes, spot on. Be tickled to see your next clip. Cheers
    It,s a gp460 from daves discount motors w/ the tuned pipe add-on. also put a "stinger" ,I think it was 6.00 or so, in the end of the pipe. ckeck my other postings for some more info.
    I'm planning on going to both Jim. The plan so far is leaving for Oshkosh Sun and staying to the end, then a couple days at Mentone before going home. It's been many many years (decades) since I've been to Oshkosh so I'm going for the whole thing this time. I want to get a ride in the Airship while I'm there.
    Hi John,
    Sorry I haven`t talked to you lately, been busy though! I`am going to Oshkosh and PRA, are you going to either of these shows? Let me know, we`ll hook up.
    Talk to you later Jim
    Thank you for your observations on this thread. I have been collecting information and making my own assessments of knowledge available about gyro theory for about 12 years. I have come to the same conclusions about this sport not having much aeronautical engineering input for many years. Many people in this sport are self taught engineers, who have their own perceptions about theory and application. That is good. But we also need the the experts with the numbers to help define stability factors more precisely. There is always room for more knowledge when it applies to the safety and integrity of the sport.
    That's fantastic Jim! I took the gyro out Sunday for testing out the new prerotator motor. It seems pretty good, I know it's alot better built than the last hydraulic motor and it seems to be spinning them up better. I don't have the bike tach hooked up so I don't have any numbers yet. Since the gyro was all warmed up from the prerotor testing and it was quiet at the airport, I took it out for some touch and goes.

    I've been thinking about putting an enclosure on myself.

    I've also been making parts for a new gyro too.

    Are you planning on getting a Sport pilot rating or do you have a ppsel now? My number is 734-927-9779 if you want to give me a call. I'm on midnights now so the best times are late afternoons and anytime at night.
    Hi John, Long time no hear! How`s everything? About tired of this winter weather. I flew my Bee on the 16 Th of Feb. for 1.0Hr Have 15Hrs of solo on the ole girl now.
    Got 17Hrs from Chuck R finished up the 26Th of Sept 2010. Plan on getting A lot more than that this summer!
    What A good feeling. Have you been getting any flying time in? Sure wish I had an enclosure. Am thinking about adding A 5 gal. seat tank for more range. Will be able to come down to your area! Got to go, give me A holler when you get A chance LATER Jim
    Hi John, I flew my Bee for the first time on 9-26 for .7
    It was great 5mph coming straight down 27. Looking forward to many more flights before it gets too cold in
    January!!! Talk more later Jim
    I'll see you there. I'm thinking of going on Tue or Wed and staying till Fri but the weather and my weekend work schedule will have something to do with it.
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