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    whos going to bastrop???

    pat thanks for asking about my arm doing a lot better have regained about 90% of my range of motion dont have a lot of strength in it yet but doing rehab for that have just started back at work cant really climb yet but running a saw and supervising im not going to bastrop after all going to...
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    Light weight low cost four stroke engines, good Rotax replacements.

    this isn't a gyro but,an interesting use of suzuki /geo to go tp builders page..look at ruben and carlos leon's twin cozy if i only had an extra 60,000.00 laying around james
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    whos going to bastrop???

    certainly rudy and i arent the only ones james
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    EA-81 shop manual and aero conversion manual

    you mean more oversized ha ha ha james
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    whos going to bastrop???

    i plan on coming sat morning i dont have a gyro but am amazed by anything that flies james
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    what is ??

    I thought IFR was I Follow Roads i have heard that before but i suspected that wasnt quite correct james
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    what is ??

    thank you much james
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    what is ??

    i know everyone but me knows what does vfr flight mean thanks james
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    Funny photos and signs

    even if the 2nd photo is adolphin at just a glimpse sure would scare the crap out of me
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    Flying down some hills

    amen to that
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    just think at one time it was high tech
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    accidents happen

    was about 85 ft in a pine tree..removing limb above my head as the limb fell it caught the handle and pulled the saw down in front of me. crossing my left forearm. manage to really keep my cool and repel down. also wanted to say thank god for va benefits...
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    accidents happen

    i have been a professional arborist(tree surgeon) for 10 years;i've always been careful but,monday had a little slip,cutting my left forearm to the bone. had to have emergency says at least 6 months off of work,very extensive physical therapy.with a great deal of effort i should...
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    time for psych e/xam
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    Wife Says Hello

    oh aint that cheery jawbrey