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    whos going to bastrop???

    pat thanks for asking about my arm doing a lot better have regained about 90% of my range of motion dont have a lot of strength in it yet but doing rehab for that have just started back at work cant really climb yet but running a saw and supervising im not going to bastrop after all going to...
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    EA-81 shop manual and aero conversion manual

    you mean more oversized ha ha ha james
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    whos going to bastrop???

    i plan on coming sat morning i dont have a gyro but am amazed by anything that flies james
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    what is ??

    thank you much james
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    Flying down some hills

    amen to that
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    just think at one time it was high tech
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    accidents happen

    was about 85 ft in a pine tree..removing limb above my head as the limb fell it caught the handle and pulled the saw down in front of me. crossing my left forearm. manage to really keep my cool and repel down. also wanted to say thank god for va benefits...
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    accidents happen

    i have been a professional arborist(tree surgeon) for 10 years;i've always been careful but,monday had a little slip,cutting my left forearm to the bone. had to have emergency says at least 6 months off of work,very extensive physical therapy.with a great deal of effort i should...
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    What Subaru ????

    answer to automan answer to automan maybe a dominator with a pre rotator,single seat,i don't know what it will weigh..but,not ultra light. altitude at my local airport..460 feet above sea level pilot..250 lbs i want enough power to have fun(maybe 70 to 80 mph) top speed...
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    Chuck Irby Has Passed Away

    I met chuck at the Bastrop flyin @ got to talk about his dominator. my deepest sympathy to his [email protected] great fella so sad James Awbrey
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    Negative opinions would be appreciated

    hey chuck my dad owns a peice of property w/ simialar right of way for at least 15 years he has grown peas/ watermelons in the right of way with no trouble from the gas co although that may diff/ for other companies check your email james awbrey
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    owners of rotax engines

    just recieved leaf [leading edge air foils] catalog has many breakdown exploded views of rotax engines and sub-assemblies might be nice to have 18005323462 james awbrey
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    Anyone notice this?

    thats really not funny james awbrey
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    Seat Tank Vacuum?

    I have used a heat gun to reform a plastic tank with good results heat control is very good james
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    Perfect weather for the Bastrop, LA Fly-In

    thankyou chuck ijust emailedyou disregard that answers my ???