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  • if you still have them i would come down and get them please contact me if i dont respond tonite after 9;30 pm its because i am going out into the desert and i do not get phone service out thewre will return in morring but please try anyway
    Hi Jan,

    I saw your message on VULA you have Limbach 275 for sale,
    Please can you tell a bit about it, condition, age, how complete, starting, exhaust, size propeller and how much you are looking for it.

    Thanks from Alan
    I had not listed the motor for sale. I was only willing to sell because you needed it. The muffler, exhaust manifold, carb, and pull starter will all fit my 503 and can be used for replacements. Those items alone I could not replace for 1000.00. So no I will not give it away for 775.00
    thank you i have both sets as for bensen g3 and monte hoskins blades ,they are both too draggy and too heavy im looking for somethin k better ,but i have allready figured it out so i was just wondering if anyone has build blades like that before ,i wasnot looking for help ,i was just asking if anyone has experience with different blades then plywwod bensen's thank you
    I have a set of plans for making wooden rotor blades for gyro and heli's. Its a real simple procedure. The blades are made up by laminating layers of marine ply. Inside the laminates is a cold rolled steel spar running root to tip.This 30% of leading edge is solid. Finish of the blades is bonding plywood skin over the spar and bonded together at trailing edge. Super simple to make, shape and balance. Roy. South Africa.
    i have two more frames,one is kinda like bee but more portable and the other one fit my trunk "very portable and very light " ,and i also lost my building space and dont have the place store all my planes ,i live at apartment complex with small storage area about 6'x4' down at basement so i have to design my other gyros around that space ,i can store rotor blades at work but even that is kinda problem sometimes
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