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  • Hi Jamie,

    Just now I noticed your answer on my mail to you from 25-02-13 !!!!
    I would say, don't sell and keep on flying.
    Hope your family and health good !?
    You went to see Ron Menzie ?
    I got my German licence since last year April and fly my MTO sport from a German airfield just a 30 minutes ride from my home. I bought the gyro from my former instructor for half of the price. The deal is that I do guest flights for him .
    The gyro is my former instuction gyro. Having lots of fun with it. Although we had a ruf winter I tried to fly at least once a week or so.
    I did put some films and pic's on facebook and youtube under de my name jo bischops.
    In the Netherlands there still is no rule for a autogyro license.
    This hobby of mine eats a lot of money so a trip to the States is not gone happen soon.
    Understood that the MTOsport gyro's are used by the TX police department ?
    Strange because the Us have lots of good gyro's too!!
    GRT, Jo
    Jamie just got 2 rotax 447 off ebay. 1 got here today the other is in the mail will be here buy this weekend. The bird is getting alot closer to flght.

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