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    After the storm

    After the storm rolled through SW Wisconsin
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    Paper vs Electronic navigation.

    Why do I never hear any ever mention Avare (for Android)? It's a totally free Aviation GPS and works great! I have it on my Tablet and on my phone. I just stick my phone to my panel w/ Velcro, and there's my VFR GPS. Updated charts, current weather updates, airport info and flight planning...
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    I’ve received several calls and emails from folks asking about My Tango2. Here is an update… After a few road trips from WI, I completed my training with Ron Menzie, in Searcy AR. I’ve had a handful of good CFIs in my aviation adventure, and I have not flow with a better instructor than Ron...
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    Helmet / com recommendations?

    After doing more homework, I'm really thinking about just ordering the Flycom helmets, intercom and dual PTT. It's more $ now, but if it can make communications and background noise acceptable, I'll gladly cough up the cash. I believe I can just use an adapter to connect the intercom it to my...
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    Helmet / com recommendations?

    EdL Thanks! I was wondering about the ANR in the open cockpit. I've read mixed things about how effective it is in a gyro. Good to know that it works in that situation. I'll definitely consider that option.
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    Helmet / com recommendations?

    I can be long winded, so I'll just get to the point here. I'm looking for a good helmet / com. I have a Tango2 gyro. I'm looking for better sound quality, ear protection and comfort. My crappy old headset that fits under the helmet just doesn't cut it in the high noise environment. Also, I don't...
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    Gentex Helmets noise cancellation, gel ear seals

    Great deal...If my head wasn't so huge they would be sold. :(
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    Insurance company recommendations

    Thanks for the info CP! I finally found my hangar (my greatest aviation feat to date). Half a T-hangar at the end of the row. Can't fit a plane, perfect for a gyro. I also found that most airports around here require proof of liability insurance to lease a hangar. I called Jason this week at...
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    If you are using the Yamaha engines, perhaps you are able to answer my question. Have you found...

    If you are using the Yamaha engines, perhaps you are able to answer my question. Have you found a way to make the error code 81 remain off? It's for the sled hand warmer sensor. I know you can pick up the switch for it (on ebay), connect it and a light bulb to shut the error code 81 off, but...
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    Yes, it does look very similar to the MTO sport. There are a lot of things done different on the Tango than the MTO. I have flown both and they are both really nice machines. I bought it completed, but because I purchased it during the build, I was able to have this "customized" a bit, how...
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    No Title It's finished!!! Looks and flies like a dream! I can't believe that a year ago, I was just dreaming about it. I will say that Alex and Paul were great to do business with. They made sure everything was perfect, and set up just how I wanted it. I would highly recommend them...
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    Flying from Arizona to KBFF 2017

    I just did a "Honey, come in here and look at this"...Great picks, Thanks!
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    Did you buy the red one? I see they sold it and are putting tundra tires on it. "On the menu is a setup by BlackMax... Brake calipers, free-floating rotors, split wheels, and a set of Carlisle 15x6.00-6NHS tires"
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    I just got a text from Paul letting me know that the FAA inspection is complete and the phase 1 testing starts today. The communication with them has been excellent. They have been Skyping with me to make sure things are set up just how I want. They are doing a really great job. This looks...
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    I just got off the phone with Alex. He called to see exactly where I wanted the radio mounted. Skyped me to make sure I liked the placement. Nice! Also, going with the four blade prop. On the fuel injected engine, it's good for an extra 55 or 60 Lbs of thrust. Not sure the exact number...