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    Helmet / com recommendations?

    After doing more homework, I'm really thinking about just ordering the Flycom helmets, intercom and dual PTT. It's more $ now, but if it can make communications and background noise acceptable, I'll gladly cough up the cash. I believe I can just use an adapter to connect the intercom it to my...
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    Gentex Helmets noise cancellation, gel ear seals

    Great deal...If my head wasn't so huge they would be sold. :(
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    Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    Yes, it does look very similar to the MTO sport. There are a lot of things done different on the Tango than the MTO. I have flown both and they are both really nice machines. I bought it completed, but because I purchased it during the build, I was able to have this "customized" a bit, how...
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    Tango Gyro

    I looked at them in Mentone IN. The ONLY thing holding me back from purchasing a Tango2 right now is the lack of people to speak with about their experence with them. They seem to be quite a machine for the money and Paul and Alex answered questions from me for two days. They were friendly and...
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    New guy with lots of questions

    Thanks for the info! I'm going to try to make it to the PRA convention. Getting a hold of Chris, and I'll be at OSH this year for sure. Thanks again!