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    Small Coaxial Helicopter SCH-2A

    I would like to hear from someone experienced discuss whether a coaxial design can adequately autorotate. I would think that friction in the gearing might be an issue as well as the shorter rotor blades.
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    The new Magni M26 will be unveiled on April 1, 2020 (teaser video)

    I know the official announcement was to happen last year at Aero 2020 but of course it was canceled due to covid. It seems this year's has been canceled as well so no word yet. I'm guessing they may not be ready for an influx of new sales just yet so that may be an issue of delaying the...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all.
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    Stairways still climbing and turning

    I'm always amazed Stan. Hope you and Barb are doing well.
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    Airworthy Autogiro with Articulated Rotor

    Our own member WaspAir here owns and flies a A&S 18A. Its a beautiful example. You might want to reach out to the EAA in Oshkosh I think they are in possession of Steve Pitcairn's Miss Champion Pitcairn PCA-2. Finally aircraft collector Kermit Weeks has as old autogiro restoration project in...
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    Barnstormers Post - 2011 MAGNI M-24 ORION • $73K

    To be clear I am no authority but offer the following for the sake of discussion. By my understanding, one element of the straight keel is to discourage "over rotation" on takeoff to avoid liftoff behind the power curve in an exaggerated nose high attitude. A textbook takeoff is more of a level...