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    23 Ft. Dragon Wings

    Sold Sold SOLD, I Started Driving at 5:05 AM today, Got to Carls Place, had a nice 40Min discussion, and they was on my way home. Got home at 9PM! It was a nice day for a long drive :-) Hope to have the rotars attached to my Hornet by the end of the Week!! Thanks again Carl
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    Our Hornet's Home

    Looking great Looking great Looks Great, Nice to see another Hornet getting close to completion.
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    Breaking news Mentone gyro crash....

    Liability insurance is required in MN Liability insurance is required in MN Liability insurance is required in MN! If you are not able to obtain said insurace, the state then must provide coverage. The policy from the state is for $25,000, Cost is 260$ a year. Coverage is 7/1 to 6/30 and if...
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    Rick Martins new toy

    Great Tanks Great Tanks I know 3 guy that have put these on their PPC's, I have been wanting to put one on myself, but have been delaying any work on the PPC so I can work on my Gyro. I may wind up ordering 2 tanks and put one on each :-)
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    Mentone 2009 Gyrhino Jump Take-Off

    Very Sexy Very Sexy Very Sexy!!!
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    Gear Box and Holes Gear Box and Holes Yeah, the engine is, as it was delivered. Now on to the holes in the Mast. The only holes in the mast are for the Folding Mast, Control Rods and the Head Check plates. These are all exactly as called for in the plans. Tell me more about your...
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    Engine Mount Engine Mount Yep, I just sat the engine there for the pic, my Jerry Shocks are going to be delivered Tuesday.
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    End Spacers End Spacers Yeah, that was all Denis, those are very cool.
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    Rotors Rotors I have a set of 23' DW's on the way.
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    More Pics More Pics More Pic's
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    A new Hornet Started in MN

    Well, I have made some progress on my new Hornet, Denis has done a wonderfull job with making most of the parts, I have been researching and ordering pretty much everything else. It is a great team effort, and I think I have the easier job. :peace: Here a a bunch of pic's of my progress. (all...
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    Congratulations Roger aka digbar!!!

    Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! Now go have some fun!
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    Breaking news Mentone gyro crash....

    Sad, Sad, Sad......... any idea what caused the loss of control?
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    WARNING Mentone Under TFR Wednesday Afternoon for a few hours for VIP NOTAM

    Hey, if you read those TFR's, even RC flight is not allowed. SNIP "C. The following operations are not authorized within this TFR: flight training, practice instrument approaches, aerobatic flight, glider operations, parachute operations, ultralight, hang gliding, balloon operations...
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    Link to Club Website

    Here is a link to our Club Website.