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  • Would you be willing to sell your trailer? What are its dimensions? Call me 970-250-9009. If you are still interested in RAF training, Mike Burton at Pegasus Air in Nephi UT will do it.
    Idaho.. I am attempting to get more information on your Raf you had posted for sale. Is it still for sale? Can you contact me as I am in negotiations on a sparrawhawk that is in Calf, you would be much closer. My number is 940-224- three eight 65
    Hey! Terribly sorry. I've been really racked up. I was unable to located anyone who would be willing to train in it, and most instructors told me it was .. unsuitable .. for a new gyro pilot. Most of the problem was not being sure what modifications were done and how. I went with the RAF 2000 SparrowHawk conversion. At least I could find an instructor. Again, sorry. It would be more after having some experience .. or so I am being told. And without experience, I kind of have to take what I'm being told with both a grain of salt, and a spoonful of sugar. My biggest issue right now is finding someone to ferry it from where it is to where I need it to be, so if you know of anyone let me know.

    That seemed like an awkward request.

    Yes, I got the pics, and forwarded some to a couple of instructors and they pretty much shot that plan down as I said above.

    I hope you have luck with the sale, it just needs someone that has a bigger clue what they're doing than I.

    Thank you again, and again .. sorry.

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