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  • I APPLAUD your efforts !

    If I could just get insurance (reasonable) for when my bird was IN the hanger, or traveling n it's trailer, I'd be tickled !!!!

    You have no contact info on here. How are things going since we met for training with Des in Pensacola together? Greg
    Curious as to the performance of your MTO with the the Puddle Jumper Floats - how has it been ? Do you have to do really flat landings on dry ground to avoid banging the backs of the floats ? What kind of cruise speeds do you see ? How does the aircraft feel in flight stability- wise ? What is the heaviest passenger you would consider for a water take-off ?
    I have been doing a study of putting some blade from other companies on an MTO. Call me if you like I can talk to you about it. 907-8412409 Desmon
    What would it take to fit an MT03 with sportcopter blades. Considering getting an MT03 but worried about the service life on the blades.. Any advice.
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