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    How about this for $10

    I would also buy some tickets.
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    PRA's group insurance moving forward saving us money!! Update 1st offer!!

    I have been flying the ELA-07, VSKYLABS B-8m and RAF2000 and all work with x-plane 11.2. This is a web link I found many months ago about several of the gyroplanes available on X-Plane. It has been some...
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    I love my Tango!

    Do you know if Tango has considered adapting an enclosed canopy, similar to what the AR-1 is providing? So one can fly enclosed or open.
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    Aviomania builders in the US

    Is AviomaniaUSA still an active US dealer? Rodney
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    Dublin, TX - 3rd Annual Gyroplane Fly-in! Saturday, 3/14 2020 I noticed this fly-in, because I have been looking to attend an event and just happen to be in Dallas for a convention. has a calendar of events at the bottom, but it shows it's on the 16th and the link here...
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    Welcome Mat

    Rodney Whipple - Arapahoe, Nebraska - Newbie Hello everyone I am a new member and I really appreciate all the freely shared knowledge available on this site. I have really enjoyed reading the passion in each of your comments, stories and even have felt like I was riding along with several of...