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  • Mike, I haven't been in the forum in a long time, but I'm not the guy with the other gyro, sorry. So I'm sure by now you addressed your summertime tyre need anyway, but if you haven't, I'm not the guy to help you. You're trying to find the guy who had the RAF? I'm down in Rye, I came by the flyin one evening on my bicycle.
    Hi Kevin,
    We spoke at the Greenland Yankee ultralight flyin ( I'm the one with the yellow single place gyro with the MZ 202 engine) and we were talking about tires for your gyro. I can't remember who manufactured them or where your bought them. I've been balancing on the mains a lot lately and the suspension on my gyro needs adjusting so I'm wearing out the cheapos that are on it now. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Mike Paquin
    Hooksett NH
    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the mail. I'll look over the original paperwork I got when I bought it.
    Hello out there,

    I was just missing my dear friend Darrell Wittke and found some comfort in browsing a place where he put a lot of thought. He admired so many of you and often spoke to me about the conversations about gyro stuff that went over my head. I loved to watch the sparkle in his eyes when he flew and talked about flying. I am glad you all were his friends and that he had you all to discuss one of his deepest passions. We miss him so much and still feel at times he will walk into the door with that smile. My name is Shairon his wife, if any one wants to share any thing about Darrell I would love to read.

    Thank you.

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