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  • Francois, Wondering if you received my other emails, have not heard from you in quite awhile hope all's well with you. Still would like to purchase your T/R gearbox.
    Hoping to hear from you.

    Hi, I was reading in the wood rotors posting and it said you have a copy of bensen's drawings for his wooden rotor blades. I have all his instructions and books and that is the only one I do not have. Could you please, if you don't mind email me a copy?

    [email protected]

    Thanks so much for your help

    Hi Francois
    No the clutch doesn't fit the crank shaft . I'm machining a couple new shafts without the fan belt pully and a new cog gear with 2 more teeth on it to make the engine RPM around 5500 to 5700 and be right in the lower part of the torque curve, so anything over that is pure POWER of the 120. The 130 the torque curve is to high of an rpm for me. Now that's based on sled torque info. I also will be running Electric fan and my frame is dirrerent in the back. I'll have some pictures at the first of next week I'll send you. I also would like you direct email so I can send them to you. I'm not posting those on the web site for a while.
    Hi Francisco,
    I actually Think I can send them US Postal service alot cheaper. It might take a couple days more to get there but will save 150.00 us dollars. I'll find out tommorrow and let you know. What is you regular email address. So i dont have to go thru R/F Private messages
    Thanks John H
    Hi Francois

    I was wondering if you could help me sale some Mast Supports to some of the guys you know. I also have the parts you asked about early on. I’m trying to move some parts to try to get further into this new project.

    Thanks John H.
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