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    A Cavalon Crashed

    Lucky man (don't know his condition yet) not to be hit by a passing vehicle! We've lost a beloved TV host in an heli emergency landing where the vision was interrupted by an overpass and the trucker could not avoid hitting the craft.
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    I am not sure what parts ate covered by patent and who owns it today! Mind you, that suspension was designed for a flying "car" and been tested with good results on the Golden and Monarch! Also used on the SSC Flying Motorcycle!
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    Bearing block specs

    Hello there! I need info on sizes of bearing blocks, just the cube measurements. All my stuff is on DVD and my notebook does not have a reader. For pricing at a CNC shop. Any model will do Thanks
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    Stan saying hi

    Hello Stan Nice to hear from you and see you still have passion! Big hug
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    Dominator plans

    Ernie could set up a shopping cart and sell plans online! Also, people with means, could sell parts and subkits on the same site!
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    Dragon Wing Rotors

    The only hope now is that Ernie takes over, form some hands for this job and let it move on! What a mess, I'm very sorry to hear this!
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    Dominator plans

    I still need keel length and height from the floor as for the materials we can glue tubes together for strength
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    Dominator plans

    We could use two 1 x 2 and have a central double wall for stiffness!
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    Dominator plans

    I can do that with no problems, I will be glad to make the parts in Brazil and ship them to US. But I only need some measures, keel and mast, landing gears front and rear.
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    This gyro looks good

    Too much shaking going on! Stiff mast and blades, no dampening or?
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    I will need help!

    Hello Brian I can't find my notes on Dominators, but I do have several plans for gyros, including the Butterfly Monarch and Golden. We are working to promote gyros in Brazil, with education, instruction and several assembly places, maybe a workshop if interest arises. I can't remember lots of...
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    I will need help!

    Ok guys, all my stuff is on DVD, but my new note does not have a player, so I will be asking refresh questions from time to time! First question bearings: single and two seater, what do they use and are they standard type? Jesus bolt for the same Teeter bolt for the same Length of front keel and...
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    I'm so glad to hear from you . . .what a ride this one was! It takes a person like you to overcome and still have the attitude we come to love! God bless you and I wish you a life with less pain from now on!
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    Moral Support

    Glad o hear from you Jake! I could not go visit this time, all things went wrong on this trip! Back in Brazil, licking wounds and regrouping! Hector will come to visit and bask in the sun, at the beach! See you sooner than later! Keep it up!
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    Dominator plans

    Does anyone have plans or at least the right measurements for tubing on a Two Seater Dominator? I just got in touch with some people here in Brazil that make trikes and want to go rotor, I will help them the way I can and suggest to start with a Dominator like gyro. Planning to take subkits to...