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  • Ed, thank you for the nice words you wrote about me on my bio page. I'm glad we had the opportunity to renew our friendship at Mentone some time back and I have enjoyed your letters and the great short stories you wrote. The stories would make a great book. I'm also glad to see you on the forum.
    I hope you can make it out to Ca. and fly with us on the El Mirage dry lake( not dry at the moment) sometime.
    PS...tell Ron Iaconis that his son gave him good advice about putting a starter on his Mac. His back would appreciate it.
    to Kevin Richey, Yes the Extruded rotor is as good as any that has good workmanship on straps and hubbar. Has the same airfoil as our beloved Skywheels. 8-H 12 In fact fits the Skywheel hubs perfect after triming 1/16" off trailing edge. They weigh the same as Skywheels and same performance. There was skeptisim on the extruded blade back in the mid 90's by well known experienced friends. But since, have a good record of a safe blade. Thx. helled1
    Is your opinion of the extruded rotorblades still the same as when you wrote that article for ROTORCRAFT magazine years ago? (Regarding the 6063 extrusions and the 6061 bar inserted into them for chordwise balance?)
    Ed, my son Chris told me to put that starter that Marion has on her Mac on my Mac cause I told him my lower right back hurts for .months after I crank my gyro. Any way Ed, its great to be able to talk with you again,,,,,hope to meet up with you and fly with you this summer.......
    Hello Ed. My kid showed me how to answer.I hope that you can make it to Bensen Days 2011.It seems as if it will be a great one ,All the camping spots with power seem to be gone allready. Will be good to see you and Bernadine again. It has been too long>
    Hi Ed !!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't get on here that much but I like the forum and what it has to offer,,,,,,
    Great to have you aboard!
    Ron Iaconis
    PS Great pics of you and Bernadine and your gyro,,,and glad to see you and I do not need any Horiz Stab too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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