helicopter ed

start building Helicopter 1971
finished Helicopter 1979
built 1st Gyro 1982
built tractor Gyro 1985
got rating,started training, on Gyroglider in 1988
built AC Side by Side 1989
built AC Tandem 1990
Started training using both trainers 1990.
went total EA-81 engines on all machines 1990
trained 14 years, 300+ students,1988 thru 2002
8 years OTR trucking 2002 thru 2010. million miler.
1st time saw Rotary Forum, Nov. 2010...

Private Rotorcraft/Gyroplane
Hamilton, Oh
Gyrochopper1/Air Comm. single/AC side by side/AC tandem. All powered by Subaru EA-81 100 HP
Total Flight Time
4000+ all rotorcraft.
Real Name
Ed Alderfer
Simi retired at 70, 41 years Lithographer, 8 years OTR trucking
Primary Airport
Shop/hanger/retreat at Richmond In. Airport


Measure 3 times, cut once.
Time spent working on, and flying, is added to our lifespan...
In the last days. "Young men will see visions, old men will dream dreams". Acts 2:17 :usa2: