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  • Hello Edd, Kerry is my name. You mentioned a fella named Don Graves, is it possible to contact him. Reading here I understand he is a very clever chap, I would like to contact him regarding his pre rotator he built. Hope you can help me and thanks..Kerry
    Hi I was just wondering if you have any flying videos of the air command side by side 2 seater
    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Ed, I lost all your contact info, can you give me a call or tell me your phone number, I miss talking to you, I hope all is well.

    I'm thinking about swapping my Tennessee 52X26 prop for a 60" Warp. I now get 300lbs static thrust at 3500rpm with the EA-81 Subaru. Should I go ahead and switch?
    Will the 60" Warp pitched to give 2600rpm produce about the same thrust as the Tennessee?

    Regards, Dino
    Hi Ed,
    Can you shed any light on my question on these Rotordyne blades that I believe are built by Robert Reece when he lived in Burbank, CA?
    My thread is under Rotor Blades,,,and regarding the glue question,,,
    Thanks , Ron Iaconis
    I just found this message, it is 8 June.
    She flies, straight as an arrow.It does not walloe from side to side or pitch up and down.
    Most of the time I fly at 45mph to 55 mph indicated.
    Having a great time flying this little Bensen.
    I think the problem in the 70's and 80's was standard Bensens were being converted to Rotax and just raising the thrust line on the mast to get the prop clearance aver the keel. and this created the HTL very unstable pitch sensitive (man killer) machines.
    A standard Bensen with a VW or Mac is very close to CTL.
    I do not know if I will make Mentone, but I will be at Shelbyville. I will let you fly her and tell me your thoughts on her handling.
    (you probally flew her already though.)
    Ed, I hope all of the weather missed you last night. From the radar it looked as if the storms went directly over the Middletown airport! God's speed!
    Hi,Ed glad to see you on here I often think about the training you gave in Richmond about 10 yrs ago. I learned alot in a short time,thanks Ed, I have 450+ hrs and still flying .Bill Garner,Somerset,Ky
    Hi,Why the waterline of the tail gearbox in bell 206 is higher than waterline of freewheeling output shaft?(about 10 inch)
    thanks a lot
    Can you help me to understand how I can balance my rotor blades on my Scorpion 133? When ever I had the engine running the craft just shook all over.
    Hello ED

    It gives me great pleasure to have you on my friends list.

    I Cherish old times and wirlywings contacts.

    Best Regards.

    PS. Do you remember Roger R. Roraks of Stanton. Ca
    I flew with him at Lampok Airport. Ca this was 1979.
    He had an Aircommand 532 SxS.
    I believe that there is something in the water we drink that makes us grey and wrinkled. Are you going to Bensen Days 2011? I will be there on the 3rd.
    Believe it or not Ed,,,,,,I have seriously considered putting a starter on my Mac,,,,,,cause the old back isn't what it used to be,,,,,Tell Marion she has a point here
    You are an interesting guy Helicopter Ed. It is sure good to read about your experiences here on this forum. It is like you are a seat of the pants , salt of the earth type of guy who is always trying to leave earth with a propeller and a lawn chair (smile) . Not only that , you come back down once in a while and type some stories. Love your stories. Keep coming back. Thanks. Arnie.
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