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  • Heather thanks for the offer, I would welcome any and all assistance. This fire season has prevented me from even visiting my hanger, fortunately I have a long winter to work on my machine. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Hello , my name is willy cliff and i have a sparrowhawk that is about 50% complete w/2 subaru engines 1 of wich is turboed $25,000.00 for all 951 533-3474
    Hi Heather, like your build postings. I am looking at the sparrowhawk as well, living in canada I too want a heated enclosed machine for some cross country flying. Hope your doing well and looking forward to see and learn more from your posts. Mitch

    I got your phone message. I made another version of the templates for the fuel tank but it still needs work. The project has been made a lower priority at air gyro as we do not have a SH and there were few requests for the tank. At this point I have several things that are consuming most of my time. I can send you the tank template and your mold and give you the contact information if you want to proceed in this direction.
    I noticed on the forum that there is a discussion about fuel/methanol proof resins that can be used on fuel tanks. This may be a good solution perhaps better than making the tank bladder.

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