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  • Hi Rick.
    I have just seen your message.
    Would you be able to send it to Bensen Days or to a friend of yours that is going there?.
    If that is a possibility I will buy it and pay on pay pal or cash to your friend as you prefer.I will be in Tampa from 21/march till 1st/april.
    Let me know a.s.a.p.
    Hi Rick.
    Well I am waiting for you to make the jig for the 130 fi. I could use the helicopter but I will need a tuned exhaust.
    If you have a tuned pipe for the rotax I would like to buy it, but must fit the mini 500.
    Please let me know if you or your friends have one. Thanks.
    Hi Luciano,

    I'm still working on the jig for the FI 130. With work (my real job!) It has been progressing slower than I wish. Remounting the MRG higher will/would be a engineering nightmare!! If your wishing the rotor head to be 6" higher you need to reman. the mast and flight controls by 6".

    Hi Ricard.
    I would like to know if there is any progress on the frame for the yamaha fi 130 as I allready have the motor.Could the m.r.g.box be made to be mounted six inches higher???
    I would appreciate your opinion.

    Hi Ricard.
    I was wondering if you could sale me the longherons with the engine brackets and other relative bits to mount a yamaha 130 fi on a mini 500.
    I would be gratefull if you could give me a price and if you could tell me how many degrees you tilt the engine so you can remove the spark plugs.

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